Engineering Services

Providing a full range of information engineering, including system engineering, systems integration, cybersecurity, & service desk


Forge Forward’s systems engineering processes support rapid prototyping and development, as well as traditional, iterative, top down, hierarchical approaches. These interdisciplinary processes are supported by essential, cross-cutting activities including program management, product team support, configuration management, process engineering, risk management, financial management, and technical writing. Forge Forward’s systems engineering expertise supports concept development, requirements analysis, design, assessment, research and development, technology evaluation, test, and exercise and demonstration services. Forge Forward provides Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF) certified engineers and technicians meeting all DoD requirements.



Forge Forward’s certified software engineers support complex business and tactical systems within multiple system languages including C#/ASP, Java/JSP, Spring, PHP, .NET, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, Web Services, Python, and WebLogic. Forge Forward’s Process engineers developed an application integration process providing workflows from initial requirements gathering to delivery and sustainment of applications. Forge Forward software engineers support agile development with continuous process improvement, as well as traditional development methodologies.



Forge Forward provides certified engineers with privileged access to critical IT and tactical systems for the integration of new capabilities, installation, cybersecurity, cloud hosting, application migration, and sustainment services. This includes sustainment of existing legacy systems, integration of new technologies, test and evaluation, and customization of tactical communications and IT systems. Forge experts support all operating environments (e.g., Windows, VMWare, Linux, Cisco, and Juniper) and use multiple cyber security tools to manage these environments.



Forge Forward provides the full spectrum of logistics, configuration management, and life cycle management services. This includes logistics task management, material tracking, configuration management, supportability analysis, logistics documentation, sustainment engineering, and obsolescence management of tactical systems. Forge Forward experts are proficient in logistics and configuration management databases such as Configuration Data Managers Database – Open Architecture (CDMD-OA), Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System (JETDAS), Interactive Computer Aided Provisioning System (ICAPS), and CMPro.



Forge Forward successfully virtualized, upgraded, tested, and transitioned a global Military Sealift Command (MSC) Network Operations Center (NOC) to a new secure and integrated U.S. Navy tactical cloud hosting environment. Forge Forward engineers met arduous timelines and overcame significant unforeseen design issues, culminating with the successful cutover of 93 operational ships.


Forge Forward provides cybersecurity workforce certified professionals as lead systems engineers for several tactical communications and networking programs. In these roles, Forge’s subject matter experts assist the DoD to define resilient tactical networks delivering required capabilities across the enterprise.


Forge Forward designed, implemented, and manages a cloud Application Integration Process defining end-to-end requirements for integration of tactical applications into a cloud hosting environment. This includes developing the tactical services catalog and web-based front end through ServiceNow facilitating the submission, testing, compliance, and integration of tactical applications.


Forge Forward engineers provide Joint Expeditionary Command and Control (JEXC2) 24/7 Tier 2/3 operations support and were tasked to modify Expeditionary Carry-On Network (ExCON) kits for Commander, Second Fleet (C2F).  On very short notice, Forge Forward engineers upgraded and integrated new ExCON capabilities for a Second Fleet shore-based COVID-19 New York City command center coordinating USNS COMFORT and Second Fleet response for this vital homeland mission